mardi 10 juillet 2012

Find me a flower...

Not only can I find you one, I can make you one that lasts all year! I learnt how to make these gorgeous flowers from my good friend Lisa using old book pages, some fake flower stem wire, double sided tape and black ink. The best thing about these flowers is that they are extremely easy and inexpensive to make, and look gorgeous. I get comments on mine frequently, and have had several requests from friends and family for me to make them some.
Materials: old book pages, stem wire (available from Spotlight or craft stores), double sided tape, black ink

Equipment: scissors, pliers

Step 1: Cut out several fingernail shaped pieces from the book pages. They should be about 3x5-6cm in size. These form the petals of the roses.

Step 2: Scrunch then unscrunch your petals. This adds to the effect once you put ink on the petals, and also makes the petals easier to work with.

Step 3: Cut and place double  sided take on the bases of your petals.

Step 4: You can, if you want, make a loop at one end of the stem wire so your flower doesn't fall off.

Step 5: Take your petals with the double sided tape, and place them one after the other on your stem wire. Make sure they are well stuck down.

Step 6: When you are happy that you have placed enough petals on your flower aka it looks like a rose, you can put a bit of black ink on the tips of the petals, to add a rustic look to them. Grab your ink pad, and gently brush it over the petals, and on the underside of the flower, if you wish.

Step 7: Make several flowers, put in a pretty jar or vase and give to your friend or grandma. I'm sure they would love some undying flowers made specially for them :)
These are some of the flowers that I am making for table centerpieces for a Women in Surgery Luncheon in a few weeks.
 Sorry about the sub optimal photo quality of late. The lighting in my house is not so good, and the garden isn't so pretty to take photos in just now >_<

Hope you are having a smashing Tuesday!

À plus tard! Pip xx

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  1. They look great, Pip! I think the top photo is lovely, it really shows off the texture of the roses. xx